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Do any of these pain points sound familiar?

  • It isn't easy to adequately allocate programs, ideas, community dynamics, exploration, and ideas sharing, generating more ideas
  • People cannot easily interact, coach one another, change mindsets (apparent lack of tool, training and agility)!
  • I lack time to fully grasp innovation opportunities that would be interesting for the company!
  • We are working in silos, reinventing the wheel and sometimes all heading to the same failure over and over!
  • It’s challenging to have people bring applications together and promote diversity because we don’t know who has the qualifications, availability, and interests to help and contribute!
  • It’s difficult to get ideas and momentum that generate disruptive innovations!
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What GenAIz Smart Innovator Assistant can do for you:

  1. 1

    Leverage the knowledge acquired in the past to increase the success and scope of innovations.

  2. 2

    Have key performance indicators to measure employee engagement with innovation and take action to improve the innovation process when needed.

  3. 3

    Be able to identify and correct any deviations from innovation best practices and thus trigger adequate training with staff.

  4. 4

    Benefit from sharing information and methodologies within the organization and the innovation ecosystem, following Open Science principles.

  5. 5

    Decide on the right priorities based on available resources.

  6. 6

    Have a tool to make a collective decision based on facts and data rather than intuition.

  7. 7

    Better qualify and quantify innovations.

  8. 8

    Maintain knowledge of past initiatives and ideas so as not to "reinvent the wheel".

GenAIz LogoSolutionsWhy Genaiz?

GenAIz is an innovation accelerator; providing insights, ideas and recommendations that advance existing projects and identify untapped opportunities.

It is a revolutionary solution for the management of knowledge related to the multiple facets of innovation such as portfolio, regulatory, product management, combined with cutting-edge AI/ML-based intelligent assistants.

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