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GENAIZ AI-driven Innovation Platform

The Smart Innovator’s Assistant: Our powerful Artificial Intelligence tools guide you from ideation to execution as you accelerate your innovation process

Discovery Module

‘Unleash the Power of your Data’

Finding the right information quickly from huge volumes of data is critical to support business decisions, particularly biomedical ones. However, most data  is  unstructured,  and a manual review of the vast amounts of unstructured data requires a lot of manpower and can be costly. Businesses need a more intelligent approach to complex scientific health and biomedical data.

The GENAIZ Discovery module allows users to turn unstructured data into a powerful knowledge-based research environment. Using semantic search, QA response, ontologies and other advanced machine learning based functions, users can unify, search and extract relevant data form internal and external data sources.

Discovery Module

Develop & Diagnose Module

‘Build and visualize your own innovation journey’

Once your data is findable and accessible you will want to further accelerate and manage your initiatives with a specific focus on innovation. The diagnostics and monitoring for innovation processes allow you to take the data you have and turn it into information to ensure greater success of your projects.   

The GENAIZ Develop and Diagnose module uses flexible innovation & project frameworks and AI-driven diagnostics to empower employees to innovate effectively in a trusted environment.

Develop & Diagnose Module

Decision Module

‘Predict the most favorable actions for your organization’

Once you have explored the information, it is time to seek the knowledge hidden within. The decision module will help you to take multiple sources of information and generate knowledge to answer questions across multiple innovation projects, with consolidated views of your innovation pipeline with KPIs.

The GENAIZ Decision module uses advanced decision AI and reinforcement learning technologies to predict successful paths and make action recommendations accordingly.

Decision Module
How an AI-Driven Innovation Platform Can Benefit Your Life Sciences Organization
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GENAIZ is a revolutionary AI/ML solution that sits on top of existing infrastructure allowing clients to foster innovation by encouraging collaboration and improving knowledge sharing, without unnecessary complexity.


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