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Who We Are

The GenAIz leadership team consists of experts in all aspects of leading-edge science and technology. At GenAIz, we believe that diversity fuels creativity and innovation. Our collective well-being allows us to accelerate the creation of better products, processes and treatments. With a human-centric approach to our company, customers and our solutions we aim to show that offering flexibility does not sacrifice efficiency.

Catherine Lunardi


Catherine Lunardi is the CEO and founder of GenAIz. Ms. Lunardi has worked for over 20 years in a consulting and business analyst capacity, including as President of Uni3t, a consulting services company in the healthcare and life sciences sectors. Uni3t provides computer validation, compliance with Health Canada and international standards, and works to find solutions for large pharmaceutical teams worldwide. Through her work with clients, Ms. Lunardi identified functional gaps in the software solutions available to the industry: "a lack of data to support decision-making" and "difficulty exploiting past data (especially those from failed projects)."

Catherine Lunardi

Catherine Lunardi - Founder and CEO of GenAIz

Photo: Myriam Baril-Tessier

While exploring this gap and potential solutions, Ms. Lunardi, saw an opportunity to move past standard consulting practices by building an innovative software solution based on emerging AI concepts and technologies. After exhaustive research, including market validation and shadowing potential clients, Ms. Lunardi discovered that Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations wanted a platform to support artificial intelligence driven innovation. Using her expertise and vast experience, she launched GenAIz in 2016 to be an open and flexible platform based on artificial intelligence and concepts borrowed from neuroscience.

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GenAIz is a revolutionary solution for the management of knowledge related to the multiple facets of innovation such as portfolio, regulator and clinical management, combined with cutting-edge AI/ML-based intelligent assistants.


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