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Develop & Diagnose Module

‘Build & Visualize your own Innovation Journey’

Our solution allows users to progress from ideation to execution as they access the relevant information they need faster, to make decisions based on facts rather than intuition.  We help you identify gaps, problems or challenges that can impede innovation within your organization. Our tracking and scorecards help support your managed framework activities.

Workflow Frameworks

Workflows are a visualization technique that capture relationships between documents and tie them to frameworks to structure your information. Our AI/ML tools apply your workflow to sleeping data, making historical data accessible and finds new documents to keep your workflow evolving. GENAIZ mind mapping is inherently searchable and provides insights to gain a broader understanding of your search subject and related information. Flexible and interactive, insights help identify and extract vital and otherwise hidden knowledge from unstructured data.

Innovation Spark

Brainstorm and collect ideas for new products, indications or service areas from across your entire organization, including internal and external sources. You can then explore those ideas or solutions, leveraging any innovation framework (CIDP, Design Thinking, C-K Theory, Stage-Gate, V-Model, etc), regardless of which framework was originally used. You can also convert multiple flows to visualize them on the GENAIZ platform and filter based on applicability and feasibility.

Initiative Execution

Take the spark and ideas of innovation, and build, track and intelligently manage an entire portfolio of initiatives. Our project and process management tools greatly simplify managing tasks and deliverables. You can collaborate through assignments, authorizations and notifications. Your team can submit innovative ideas, vote on the best one, keep track of all comments and create tools, like scorecards, to evaluate the initiative and determine timelines.

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GENAIZ is a revolutionary AI/ML solution that sits on top of existing infrastructure allowing clients to foster innovation by encouraging collaboration and improving knowledge sharing, without unnecessary complexity.


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