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We are a very dynamic and enthusiastic team dedicated to increasing the speed of innovation. Located in Montreal, the global hub for AI and the Canadian hub for Life Sciences, we find our success lies in training the next generation in an innovative, diverse company, with exposure to advanced technologies in the field of artificial intelligence.

We praise flexible thinking, embrace diversity and work with integrity to ensure clients’ success. GenAIz is a division of Uni3t and we are looking for people to fill the following roles for both Uni3T & GenAIz.

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GenAIz LogoSolutionsWhy Genaiz?

GenAIz is an innovation accelerator; providing insights, ideas and recommendations that advance existing projects and identify untapped opportunities.

It is a revolutionary solution for the management of knowledge related to the multiple facets of innovation such as portfolio, regulatory, product management, combined with cutting-edge AI/ML-based intelligent assistants.

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