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Mind Mapping is Changing the Future for Life Sciences Innovation Solutions

A flexible Mind Mapping platform to find the solutions needed for innovation

To truly be innovative you cannot do things in the same repetitive way. You need to foster an environment where creativity and innovation flow. You also need to organize and visually display your ideas. Mind Mapping is a technique that allows you to capture and organise your thoughts. You create a conceptual web or “map” that illustrates the hierarchy and connections between different ideas.

Mind Mapping works because humans are visual beings and process visual information more quickly than long-winded written documents. Using a visual mind map allows you to take information from your brain and put it on paper. The ease of use and flexibility of mind maps, means you can brainstorm, gather, organize, make decisions and plan more efficiently and more well informed. This all translates into being able to access creativity, foster original thought, and effectively organize contributions from your entire team.

GENAIZ offers the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry a flexible Mind Mapping platform to find the solutions needed for innovation.

For most organizations looking to innovate, it's not the menial day-to-day tasks that are the problem. The reality is there is already a path to success for those tasks since you have done them before, it's just a matter of repetition. For innovation, it's the non-repetitive problems that you don't yet have a solution for that need to be addressed. The problems where the step or path may be different every time and are affected by factors such as environment, the amount of time you have, resources, etc. For those problems Mind Mapping allows you to move from a challenge to a solution.

GENAIZ is Flexible

The basic idea behind GENAIZ Mind Mapping is that it can adapt to your needs and your innovation process. This flexibility means the steps can be different for each client. Whether you are using a CIDP model, agile model, design thinking, or whatever approach that works for you, everything can be easily mapped either by using a pre-configured model or simply starting from a white page. Throughout the entire process, the GENAIZ platform is extracting information from your mind map to support AI-driven recommendations, insights and diagnostics. Recommendations come from internal sources such as, financial, clinical and regulatory and external sources that are closely related to the activity of the mind map and converge on the content and actions of the user. Insights take outlier recommendations and present them to allow the user to better understand the subject matter and gain a broader understanding of related topics. Finally, the GENAIZ Mind Mapping diagnostics identify and help guide the user thru the mind mapping exercise by leveraging industry standard metrics and processes to provide guidance. These abilities, seamlessly woven together for the user, makes GENAIZ stand out as a cutting-edge mind mapping tool

Even if you don't want to use it as a project or process management tool, you can still use GENAIZ to map the information of whatever you need to associate with it. You could use GENAIZ to create an entire process from idea to new drug creation or create a simple 3 steps process that is relevant to your specific need. You can track whatever you need with the latitude to use it in whatever way works for you to foster creativity and meet goals.

Once you know what your innovation objective is, Mind Mapping can display all your steps in the process and then you can start appending documents and extracting relevant data. This singular task of appending documents manually would traditionally be a huge consumer of time and resources. GENAIZ not only appends the data, it takes the unstructured data and structures it with your objective in mind. Since all the information and knowledge base is tracked, GENAIZ Mind Mapping allows you to study the map or ‘path' created. Going from challenge to a solution, you can run diagnostics on all the information and find similarities to other maps to guide users to be more efficient. Again, this is for challenges that are not repetitive and for which you don't already have a solution for, so the ability to do comparative analysis to find the best path and increase your chances of success is a great asset.

One of the greatest benefits of the way GENAIZ does Mind Mapping is its ability to find similar initiatives, past success and failures so that you can reduce risks. Doing something for the first time can be scary and often innovators give up because they feel like they are moving in the dark with no direction. GENAIZ is there to support people doing tasks for the first time, or tasks they haven't done in a long time. GENAIZ empowers users with the confidence in the knowledge available and the specifically targeted recommendations to move forward to success.

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GENAIZ is a revolutionary AI/ML solution that sits on top of existing infrastructure allowing clients to foster innovation by encouraging collaboration and improving knowledge sharing, without unnecessary complexity.


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