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An Artificial Intelligence Platform to Streamline and Speed up Innovation in Life Sciences

Insights, ideas, and recommendations to promote success and identify untapped opportunities

Innovators within life sciences achieve breakthroughs in healthcare, contributing to a better quality of human health and life. They are truly indispensable to the industry as well as our economy as they find smarter, affordable, and effective ways to treat illnesses. But to succeed in innovation, an organization faces a number of challenges. They must constantly produce new ideas, evaluate to find the best ones, stay ahead of new technologies, and develop a truly valuable concept efficiently and profitably. Moreover, there are external challenges too: limited resources, global demand for a larger return on investments, and advancing technologies.

When healthcare and life sciences organizations face such tremendous challenges, how can they achieve the ability to thrive? One of the best possible solutions is presented by GENAIZ, an open, flexible, and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) platform that bolsters innovation in life sciences. It brings the best of today's AI technologies, seamless program management, enormous resources for knowledge, and many more crucial abilities for successful innovation together on one powerful platform.

An AI-Powered Platform to Support Innovation in Life Sciences

The founder and CEO of GENAIZ, Ms. Catherine Lunardi, initially led a consultancy service named ‘UNI3T' for healthcare and life science organizations. For several years, the company provided key services such as compliance, computer validation, quality assurance, research, and development. At that time, they also identified some key obstacles that these organizations faced: "a lack of data to support decision-making" and "difficulty exploiting past data, especially those from failed projects."

Ms. Lunardi explored all potential solutions and after exhaustive research, she saw that an AI-driven innovation platform could address these critical challenges well. So, in 2016, she and her team of multi-disciplinary experts conceived and developed a platform to quicken the creation of better medical products, processes, and treatments.

Headquartered in the global hub for AI – Montreal, Canada, GENAIZ has been actively working with life science organizations for years. Thus, the company understands that innovation is crucial for the survival of life sciences. It believes that there is a need to foster a culture of daily innovation to inspire employees and drive participation. And GENAIZ delivers exactly this – one single and easy-to-use platform providing many vital abilities that foster innovation and collaboration, as well.

Catherine Lunardi, Founder and CEO of GENAIZ

Catherine Lunardi, Founder and CEO of GENAIZ
Photo: Myriam Baril-Tessier

Accelerating Innovation through Cutting-Edge AI Assistance

"GENAIZ is an innovation accelerator; providing insights, ideas, and recommendations to promote project success and identify untapped opportunities. It's a revolutionary solution addressing all facets of innovation such as knowledge management, portfolio management, regulatory compliance, and product management," Ms. Catherine Lunardi, the CEO, says.

To be a market leader, life science organizations need to provide innovative, effective, and resilient products or services. In response, the GENAIZ platform is packed with powerful features that guide its customers to steadily improve its position in the market. Some AI features include smart assistants, intelligent recommendations, diagnostics, and semantic search across repositories spanning business' historical data, aggregated research, documents, and scientific papers.

Furthermore, GENAIZ's intelligent program management features allow the rapid integration of various formats of data such as MS Excel spreadsheets, PDF's, paper records, and electronic laboratory notebooks. And its information database can be accessed by anyone within the organization, breaking down barriers for innovation and building collaboration. And its natural language processing helps to easily assimilate the information and helps translate it into real-world concepts. In extreme cases of pandemics, such as COVID-19, GENAIZ's decision AI could give innovators the flexibility to identify and solve their biggest challenges quickly.

Today, GENAIZ is unmatched in the marketplace because other similar services are silo solutions. Only GENAIZ brings all the vital features to support innovation initiatives on one platform, covering everything from ideation to product launch, with AI assistance that is seamlessly woven throughout.

On a Mission to Improve the Quality of Human Health and Life

While the GENAIZ platform actively breaks new ground within healthcare, its ultimate aim is to make a difference in healthcare. It's a human-centric and value-centric company, founded on the belief that diversity fuels the process of innovation. And at its core, the company is motivated by improving human health and life through technology.

Today, the company is preparing newer versions of its AI platform, and also actively supporting several activities of life science organizations. For instance, its aiding research and development of new drugs for pharmaceutical companies and projecting finances for medical devices.

"In the long run, we will continue our leadership in augmented intelligence by connecting machines and humans together. We see application benefits for GENAIZ in numerous new markets including automotive, as well as computer and electronics," Ms. Lunardi concludes.

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